Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SVN Branching in JDeveloper 11g

The latest Technology Preview of JDeveloper 11g is now available and contains some great new functionality to support Subversion 1.4.3.

We've added the Incoming Changes tab to the Pending Changes window - so valuable if you want a sneak preview of what changes others are making to files you have in Working Copies in JDeveloper.
Also, you can now filter Pending Changes at the application or project level.

But best of all, we've added support for Branch/Tag, Switch and Merge. I've created an online demo that you can play from OTN. If you haven't already, download the 11g preview and try it out - I'd love to have your feedback


cpierres said...

Not finished yet to test everything but it's great.
Congratulations for this job !

Filipe Saraiva said...

Congratulations! It is very useful! You know if is possible to use at JDeveloper 10g? Or is it possible migrate a JDeveloper 11g project to 10g?

Susan said...

This is an 11g feature only. The JDeveloper 11g preview is out now.
If you want to use branching on an application from 10g then just check it out into the 11g Technology Preview and continue there.