Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hudson and me!

Over the past months I've been working more and more with Hudson, the continuous integration server. If you're familiar with Hudson then no doubt you are familiar with the changes that faced it in that time. If you're not - well, it's a long, well-documented story in the press and I will not bore you with it here!

But the most important thing is that Hudson is a great (free) continuous integration tool and continues to grow in popularity and status. Oracle became its supported from Sun's original open source project. As well as its community of users and developers Oracle has a full-time team working on it, including me as Product Manager, and it recently started the process of moving to the Eclipse Foundation as a top-level project.

Internally we use Hudson across the organization for all manner of build and test jobs and I know that many of you do too.

In JDeveloper 11.1.2 we've added new features to Team Productivity Center (TPC) to integrate Hudson (or Cruise Control) build/test results into the IDE and relate those to code checkins via the TPC work items. You can see a quick demo of that here

If you use Hudson I'd like to hear from you - in fact, I'd like to hear from you anyway! So please contact me at the usual Oracle address. Other ways to keep up with Hudson are through its mailing lists, wiki and of course twitter - @hudsonci


Sameera Samarasinghe said...

Hi Susan,
I am working as a Software Engineer. Currently involved in a Oracle ADF Fusion Middleware Web app. It has several modules. We are about to introduce CI to the project. I wrote a ojdeploy script to build and make the final (.ear) file. Please give me some tips to call this script inside Hudson.

Regards !

Susan said...


Check out this new Oracle OBE on the JDeveloper tutorials page: