Monday, July 20, 2009

Team Productivity Center Tutorial Published

There is now an Oracle By Example (OBE) tutorial available for TPC. It takes you through a number of topics including, on the admin side, setting up teams and integrating with repositories and, as a TPC user, querying repositories and creating relationships and tagging items across repositories.

It assumes that you have already installed or have access to TPC on the server. If not, here are instructions on doing that. The OBE includes images and examples using JIRA and MS Project Server but for a tutorial on the Rally Software integration, explore their site

And, as always, give me your feedback!


Anonymous said...

Hi susan
I am new in tpc.I have a few question.Pls help me.
Firstly We installed the otpc.war on weblogic.And we installed client files(jira bundle, tpc bundle).Then I was able to connect tpc via team navigator.I crate a repositıry on work items tab.But where is this repository?I cannot connect thiw work item repository?Am I setup another setup?
Secondly I was dreaming tpc has an svn server.But It hasn't.I set up an svn server then I tried to connect versioning tab on team eplorer.TPC said me connection was succesful.But I didn't see anything on versioning tab on team eplorer.

Our company migrating from .net to java and from TFS to TPC.But I have to say Tpc a bit dissapointment for me.

Susan said...

I'm sorry you are finding TPC a disappointment. I hope I can improve your disposition!
When you say you 'create a repository on work items tab'. Did you go into the Team Administration Console and create a connection to your JIRA repository on the Repository tab?
Did you allocate this repository to a team? You do this on the Teams tab using the Team Repositories tab there. This is all the repository setup that is needed.
Once you have done this you should see the repository listed in the Work Items accordion for your team - as long as you are logged into TPC as a member of that team.
Next you need to set your own credentials to log in to the JIRA repository - do this through the Manage Accounts dialog.
You are right, TPC does not come with an SVN repository. TPC allows you to integrate with these different repositories that you use.
When you setup your SVN connector in Team Admin, did you enter the server URL in the Team Repositories tab? Please go back to that tab and ensure that the URL has been properly saved. You need to ensure that you tab out of the field to save it correctly.
If you have any more problems please feel free to post here or, better still, please email me directly: susan dot duncan at oracle dot com
This is our 1.0 release of TPC and we are working to improve and increase the functionality. All your suggestions and comments are most welcome