Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Database Diagramming Tips and Techniques - 1 Keyboard Accelerators

I'm working on a new database design and thought I'd pass on some of the tips that I use to aid my work. As always with my blog entries, this will be an occasional series.

Keyboard Accelerators - diagram cleaning aid

I often create new offline database tables using a database diagram. I can visualize and edit objects in-place easily and often. But having to resize the shapes and tidy up the relationship lines can be very frustrating! So I do the following:

First the setup -
Go into Tools -> Preferences -> Accelerators
Scroll down the Actions list and select Height and Width
Add a new accelerator (if none set) - I use Ctrl H
Scroll to Select All and check what accelerator is set - default is Ctrl A
Scroll to Straighten Lines and add an accelerator - say Ctrl L

Now, in my diagram whenever I can't see all the info in my table shapes I either select the specific tables and do Ctrl H or do Ctrl A + Ctrl H to resize all my shapes followed by Ctrl L to straighten the lines.

Easy Tip No1!

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