Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Connecting to CVS/SVN thru JDeveloper

Here is how simple it is to set up your CVS repository to work in JDeveloper 11g. The first step is to select your Versioning system. SVN and CVS are shipped with JDeveloper 11g. Other supported version control system can be downloaded via Check for Updates.
Now you can view the SVN or CVS Navigator from the View menu. Use the context menu of the parent node in the open navigator to create a new repository connection.
For CVS enter the details of your CVS repository in the wizard; including your access method and authentication style and user id (set by your CVS repository administrator). Test the connection and Finish the wizard. You are now able to browse the repository and Check Out a module using the context menu to begin work. To add a new application to the repository select Import Module from the Versioning menu.

For SVN enter the URL to the repository, user name and password, again Test the connection and click OK to complete the connection. As well as being able to browse the repository you can do other things such as create new remote directories from the context menu of the connection in the navigator.

To add a new application to the repository using either CVS or SVN, select Import Module from the Versioning menu.
By returning to the Versoning menu and selecting another version control system you can invoke the navigator for that system - without losing any of the connections you have to other systems.


ADIT said...


I am trying to connect to open source CVS. The instruction is to use with CVS command line as follows

"cvs -z3 co -P -D "2008-11-30 23:59:59" oscar_mcmaster"

I tried using Jdeveloper and I could not find a place to put the option co -P -D "2008-11-30 23:59:59"

Can you please comment on how to do it?


Susan said...

This is a bit unusual in that the date is being passed rather than a tag or revision, but it's fairly simple.

Go to Tools -> Preferences, and turn on Versioning - CVS - Commands -> Enable Advanced Controls, so that the date option becomes enabled on the checkout dialog.

Create a connection to the root then browse to the module oscarmcmaster.

In the checkout dialog just pick Prune Empty Folders and Use the Browse button to create the Date then select it to be used.

Andreas said...

It is really nice to see how simple it is to use svn together with JDeveloper 11g.
I have some trouble though, since we are using subversion with the svn+ssh:// protocol.
I havent found any information aout how to get this to work for 11g.
And the guide for 10g ( is not working. Referring to the guide part Appendix B: Installing an additional Java helper library (

Susan said...

Andreas, I am working on a post for this at the moment

Seth said...


Thank you for the quick and easy to follow tutorial. I've been working with CVS for about a week now.

Are you familiar with any documentation on CVS workarounds for atomic commits or standard practices with CVS vs. SVN?


Susan said...

I would recommend moving to SVN from CVS if possible. It was developed specifically to work around some of the 'shortcomings' of CVS (such as atomic commits)
Try this: