Friday, June 09, 2006

Watch a demo using BPEL in an ADF application

I've just published a demo on OTN that runs through integrating a BPEL process in an Oracle ADF application. It's so easy, so 4GL! Check it out and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

This is all very well in a simple case scenario :) But what about the case where complex datatypes (objects) are used as parameters and/or return types, fx public Employee getEmployee(String employeeId)

I'm having major problems integrating a BPEL process with this kind of interface with ADF. Seems to be it requires some kind of custom binding using a binding framework and writing custom serializer/deserializer, editing various config files etc.

Do you have any suggestions of how to do this?

Susan said...

I'm just finishing a paper that I'm delivering at Oracle OpenWorld (Session S282690) that covers exactly these scenarios. I'm also going to create a tutorial on this here very soon - keep looking and expect it in the next couple of weeks

Susan said...

I should also say that it's not half as complicated as you might expect - no custom serializers and bindings to develop

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan
Thank you for your swf about calling bpel,It's helpfull but I have question :How can I Recive bpel return values to my ADF Application.
for example if Bpel thrw an exeption how can I show that exception in my ADF Application?
Thank you alot

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,

The Demo and other posts related to the usage of BPEL in ADF was really help full.Thanks a lot.

I have requirement to call an Asynchronous service and get my UI page automatically refreshed when ever the webservice returns the output.(The response of the websrrvice should kind of awaken my UI page to get refreshed to paint the changes.)

Please provide me pointers for the same.